6 Essential Elements for a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy


Today’s digital landscape is ever changing – what worked one year or even one month ago might not work today or tomorrow. With so many companies entering and exiting the marketplace it’s hard to stand out. With so many options available the next question becomes – where is the best place to put your money?

We have rounded up the 6 essential elements of a digital marketing strategy to get you set up on the path to success.

1. An Engaging and Responsive Website

Websites are more than just an online brochure. Customers expect a lot when they come online. Fast load times, up-to-date content and the ability to view the website on multiple platforms is a must.

2. Measured Search Campaigns

Nowadays there is a wide variety of options available to bring in customers, including organic search and pay-per-click advertising. Whichever route you choose, it’s important to understand your target audience, their needs and how these align with your goals. You have to target the right people at the right time.

3. Email Marketing

Traditional offline marketing efforts are no longer valid anymore as everyone goes online to find out what the latest products are. Sending consistent, well targeted emails is a great way to grow your database of loyal customers. You already know that those who sign up for your emails are interested, so the key is to keep them interested, with content that matters and regular follow up.

4. Social Media

If you’re not on social media you are seriously missing out on a great opportunity to engage your current customers and find new ones. Social media plays a key role in building brand awareness and authority, driving website traffic, and providing great customer care.

5. Content Marketing

A website is nothing without great content to support it. Once customers reach your website the content that they see has to be engaging enough to keep them interested and stay on your site long enough to convert. A good content calendar will help streamline this process.

6. Watch and Learn

Monitoring your progress with web analytics will create a recipe for success. Analytics can tell you where you went right and where you went wrong, so you know how to re tweak the next strategy.

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