How to Maximize Your Search Campaigns and Gain Leads

Capturing people with marketing

Lead generation is important in any business, and how you get there is a long road to success. It is defined by the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into your products or services. With everything being digital, building brand awareness, advocates and growing a customer base is now easier than ever with so many options available.

Tools for success:

  1. Remarketing: remarketing can help you reach people who have previously visited your website, but didn’t convert. You can show these previous visitors ads that are tailored to them based on which sections of the site they visited. According to the Fireclick, the global conversion rate is 4.1%, which means that almost over 95% of users can be targeted more closely with remarketing. This type of targeting is effective because the more information you have about the user, the more tailored you can make your ad, and the higher your chance for conversion.
  2. Display advertising: display advertising is online graphical advertising that appears next to content on web pages. Also known as banner ads, they can elicit a lot of traffic at a very low cost. Banner ads provide a real advantage because they can be placed on websites that are relevant to your business and what you are selling. By showing ads to people that are already interested in your products you can easily generate more leads and increase sales.
  3. Social Media: social media is not just about posting on your Facebook page anymore. With new regulations about the types of content you can promote, Facebook is pushing more for paid ads to help boost content. The advantages to using social media as a paid search platform is that you can target people who you already know are interested in your brand, and are more likely to convert into a sale.
  4. SEO: search engine optimization is important in organic search rankings and a great way to help generate leads without paying a dime. Creating engaging, fresh and consistent content helps draw visitors in and keeps them on the site long enough to convert. Keyword density and the location of calls to action are also important in intriguing the reader and acquiring more conversions.

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