Getting Email Marketing to Work With Your Current Marketing Strategy


Email marketing has some great advantages compared to other marketing methods: it has a high reach once you get people to join your email list, can work for pretty much any kind of business, has minimal risk, is easy to use, and gives you full control. Many e-commerce businesses rely heavily on email marketing to draw in new customers and lure back old customers, with sales and promotions. The key to making sure that your email marketing campaign integrates with your already existing marketing strategy is to ensure you use current content that stays true to your brand, and gives your customers offers they are likely to respond to positively.

Working with what you have:

  1. Offers: the basic idea is to urge people to get something they really want. In terms of an offer, that could mean giving them a discount coupon or letting them know about a sale. A good offer doesn’t feel sales-y or pushy, it feels natural and helpful. In order to purchase from an offer they receive in an email, it needs to have a strong value proposition and come off in a way that is friendly and sincere.
  2. Content: the key to a seamless email marketing campaign is to include content that is fresh, targeted and consistent. Bluewire Media tested various types of content and found that templates and tools are the kind of content that led to the highest rates for opens and clicks. For the average customer, seeing content that is informative and engaging helps build authority and trust.
  3. Relationships: for many companies, building a relationship with their leads is the primary reason for sending emails. Tips for strengthening the relationship include using a personalized email greeting and sending an email that acknowledges the subscriber’s individuality (e.g., purchase history or demographic). Both of these tactics help build trust and authority in the eyes of the customer. In addition, consistent follow up is key to ensuring the relationship that builds stays strong. 

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