10 Hair Care Secrets That Will Change Your Life


Every woman knows that when your hair looks good you feel good. We’ve rounded up some hair care secrets that we’re willing to share.

  1. Dandruff: use a medicated shampoo once a week and try a cleansing shampoo in between.
  2. Avoid washing your hair everyday: don’t dry out your hair, and instead opt for every other day. If you’re still greasy, try rinsing with just cold water.
  3. Change up your shampoo: add some excitement to your life by alternating between a couple of different shampoos.
  4. Try vinegar, it works: after you’ve shampooed and conditioned, rinse with vinegar to add shine and softness.
  5. Go old school with olive or coconut oil: start at the ends and move up to the roots to leave hair feeling soft, silky and nourished.
  6. Lay off the hot tools: don’t burn out your hair, and when you do, use the lowest heat setting possible.
  7. Revive curls with dry shampoo, which adds plenty of volume.
  8. Go for natural bristles: natural is the way to go, and is less damaging for the hair.
  9. Cold water is actually good for you: fight frizz with a shot of cool water after conditioning to seal hair cuticles.
  10. Create a DIY highlight enhancer

Source: PopXO

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