The right tool for the right job: makeup brushes


With how many types of makeup brushes there are it can be quite confusing. We have broken it down for you:

Brush material: the makeup formulas you use will help you determine whether to choose natural, real hair (sable or pony fibres) or synthetic (fake). Natural brushes are better for dry products, like blush and eyeshadow, and synthetic brushes are best suited for cream or liquid products like concealer or foundation.


  1. Powder brush: a soft, round, large natural brush. This is a must-have brush for dusting powder on the face.
  2. Blush/bronzer brush: choose a soft, medium-sized dome-shaped natural brush. A blush brush is ultra soft and has long bristles, so as not to irritate the skin.
  3. Eyeshadow brush: a small, stiff, flat natural brush is perfect for your eyes, as it gives your lids a smooth finish and more intense pigment than a fluffier brush would.
  4. Eyeliner/brow brush: a small angled natural or synthetic brush. This brush is multi-purpose and can be used on your lashline for eyeliner, and your brow to fill it in. It is also very user-friendly due to its easy-to-maneuver slanted angle.
  5. Lip brush: a small flat, round-tipped brush makes achieving that defined lip easy and precise.

Products to get you started:



Oval Eye Shadow Brush: designed for eye shadow and concealer application, that is at the right angle to make your makeup look softer and more professional.





Angle Blush Brush: contour and define cheeks for flawlessly blended, high-definition results.

Why is it so important to go to sleep with a clean face?


Going to sleep with a clean slate is just as important for your face as it is for your mind. We have highlighted the top reasons why you must cleanse your face before bed time:

  1. Cleansing before bed is essential to looking younger, longer: the very simple process of washing your face before bed is a great way to stimulate the internal processes that fight aging, and to remove all the external factors and items that get onto your skin during the day. Overnight, your skin needs oxygen to repair and revitalize itself. Sleeping with makeup on deprives your skin of this very process.
  2. Nighttime cleaning is essential for letting anti-aging ingredients work: if you apply any type of anti-aging product to your skin, nighttime is the perfect time to use it, since your skin is untouched and relaxed. If you aren’t washing your face, the actives that you apply simply can’t do their job. As well, nocturnal blood flow in the skin is higher, and thus increases the ability of your skin to absorb any active ingredients.
  3. Forgoing nighttime cleansing will give you larger pores: this is in fact not a myth: by the time you go to bed, all the makeup, excess oil, dead skin cells and pollution from the day is just sitting there on your face. A cleanser will help remove all of these. When makeup especially is left on your skin overnight it can clog pores. As you age, collagen levels start to decline and pores do not snap back as easily anymore.
  4. Nighttime cleansing prevents skin dehydration: skin temperature rises overnight, which leads to water loss. If you don’t wash your face, you can’t apply any moisturizer, which will help hydrate your skin while you sleep.