Check out samples of my work:

A variety of blog articles written for websites, on topics ranging from marketing to coworking, law and engineering. All content is 100% original. 

Content Creation
SEO-driven content for a wide variety of publications, including magazine. Content is used to promote products, brands and companies.  Also includes blog posts for companies/businesses. 

Creative Writing
All content is 100% original and covers a wide range of topics. My writing has appeared in print, online and in magazines and many topics. 

Email Marketing
Direct mail email marketing campaigns sent to audiences using Mad Mimi, for a variety of purposes including promotional and informational. 

Graphic Design
Using Photoshop and InDesign, I have designed magazines, landing pages and ads. 

Working with a large range of clients, including charities, non-profits, advertising agencies, and local businesses, I have created email marketing campaigns, press releases, ads, landing pages, sponsorship decks, email newsletters and infographics. 

Social Media
Working closely with my clients, I aim to raise brand awareness and keep audiences engaged across multiple platforms and social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Successful campaigns have increased website traffic, encouraged event signup and increased ticket sales. 

Using Final Cut Pro, I have created editorial videos for news copy. 

Web Design
Using different platforms, including WordPress, I create user-friendly and mobile-responsive websites for different types of businesses.