My name is Andrea. I’m a digital marketing professional with more than five years experience in the space. As a motivated social media guru, I work with a wide variety of clients to develop and implement digital marketing campaigns aimed at increasing brand awareness. Using my creativity to the benefits of my clients, I am a skilled writer with a solid background delivering engaging content in the areas of corporate communications, current events and popular culture. Confident and articulate, I have excellent organizational and communication skills, working well with others to maintain strong relationships.

I love to work with people, and am motivated and inspired daily by those around me. Striving hard to find a work/life balance, I also volunteer my skills in the community, partnering with many different charities and non-profits.

Areas of Specialty:

  • designing, implementing and refining strategic social media campaigns for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, taking into consideration user behaviour, demographics and platform
  • writing engaging and SEO-driven content on a wide range of topics, including law, marketing, social media, current events and popular culture
  • creating websites that are mobile responsive and user-friendly
  • creating email marketing campaigns
  • designing brochures, landing pages and print ads
  • reviewing Google Analytics reports and making on and off-page optimization suggestions
  • outreach initiatives, including event planning, sponsorship decks and fundraising

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Contact me: kitayandrea@gmail.com

Connect with me: www.linkedin.com/in/andreakitay

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